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20 Jan 2017

Devised and Presented by CAPATARO THEATRE

“If we don’t treat this now, the damage will be irreversible”

Glaucoma tells the story of three young girls with dreams of revolution.
After being detained for publicly protesting against a world of corruption and destruction, they meet an array of strange characters from the systems and legislations they oppose and fight to hold on to their firm beliefs, identities and humanity in their surreal, minimalist prison.

"An incendiary ‘call-to-arms’ of a production." - Fading Polaroids

The production is devised and written by CapaTaro, an award winning company of female performer/musicians from East 15’s World Performance course. Through producing inter-cultural, original and visceral work, this new company strives to challenge passiveness and engineer change for their generation. 

Time: 7:30pm ~ Tickets: £10 full | £6 concession

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9-11 Feb 2017
Tamasha New Writers

Written and Directed by Edward Sayeed and Amina Barber

In a new partnership with Tamasha Playwrights initiative, Clifftown Theatre is delighted to premiere two new plays from up and coming writers Edward Sayeed and Amina Barber, supported by Tamasha’s Artistic Director Finn Kennedy.

Tickets: £10 full / £6 concession ~ 7:30pm/2:30pm matinee 11th February

For more information please contact the Box Office: 01702 328335

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22-25 Feb 2017
Oedipus the Visionary

Written by David Greig. Directed by Kristine Landon-Smith

"I am distanced from the effects of my power. I buy a cup of coffee and don't need to know about the living conditions of the people who grow the beans" (David Greig). 

David Greig's reimagining of the story of Oedipus examines the architecture of power and how in it's elegant execution it allows for ugly realities to be kept out of sight. 

Tickets: £10 full / £6 concession

Wed 22 @ 7:30pm ~ Fri 24 @ 7:30pm - Sat 25 @ 2:30pm

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23-25 Feb 2017
Pathway to Salvation

Written by Jorge Andrade. Directed and translated by Andre Pink

Based on the true story of events that occurred in 1955 on a farm in central Brazil, Pathway to Salvation portrays the facts experienced by a group of informal workers who, due to the lack of prospects for a decent life, cling to the promise of better days presented by a new religious belief.

Tickets: £10 full / £6 concession

Thurs 23 @ 7:30pm ~ Fri 24 @ 2:30pm - Sat 25 @ 7:30pm


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2-4 Mar 2017

Written by Nick Dear. Directed by Gary Sefton.

Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein’s bewildered Creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the friendless Creature, increasingly desperate and vengeful, determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal.

Tickets: £10 full / £6 concession ~ 7:30pm/2:30pm Matinee 4th March

This production contains nudity. East 15 Acting School’s licence to present Nick Dear’s version of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN is granted by Rosica Colin Limited.

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16-18 Mar 2017
Zorro - On Board

Written by Nicholas Hall and the Company. Directed by Nicholas Hall.

California 1840. Under Mexican rule the ordinary people suffer under a tyrannical regime imposed by corrupt officials and other villains. Unexpectedly, a champion of the underdog arises. A masked caballero, skilled in physical and fighting skills makes life difficult for the oppressors and tries to redress the balance of inequality. Who is this person? Are they a figment of another’s imagination…?

Tickets: £10 full / £6 concession ~ 7:30pm/2:30pm Matinee 18th March

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