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6 Oct 2016
The Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole

If you had a finite number of heartbeats, how would you make each beat count?

Gavin feels a flutter in his heart. Is it heartburn? Is it that girl across the room? Or is it a malformation of his heart – a sticky, red time bomb? Gavin is given a life-changing diagnosis. Hiding in his shed, he assesses his entire life. What has he done with those beats? Which has he thrown away? And how many did he lose when she broke his heart?

Combining comedy with a moving, whimsical story, this unique new show is influenced every night by the collective heartbeats of the audience.

THE INEVITABLE HEARTBREAK OF GAVIN PLIMSOLE by Sharklegs Theatre Company: Winner of the 2016 Les Enfants Terribles Edinburgh Award

7:30pm ~ £10 / £8 concession

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24 Oct 2016

Cardboard Citizens presents 

Cathy by Ali Taylor 

Directed by Adrian Jackson


Settled …. Until suddenly you’re not…

Candid, poignant and intimate, this new play by award-winning playwright Ali Taylor offers a timely reflection on the social impact of spiralling rents and forced relocation.

Acclaimed Theatre Company Cardboard Citizens presents this powerful and emotive Forum Theatre show, provoking discussion and debate, inspired by Ken Loach’s pioneering drama, Cathy Come Home.

7:30pm ~ £10 / £8 concession


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12 Jan 2017
The Unlikely Life of Leonard Langley

"What becomes of the storyteller, when the stories are all told?"

This is the unlikely story of an unlucky man, Leonard Langley. Leonard has a 'problem'. A problem the doctors can't fix. Bound aboard a prison ship and with his 'problem' getting worse by the day, time is running out for unlucky Leonard. Now enter the Storyteller, charged with the telling of the tale Leonard is too terrified to tell himself. 

This production combines comedy, Butoh dance, aerial circus and an original soundtrack to tell the story of one man's battle with Multiple Sclerosis. This piece was written and developed in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, UK.

7:30pm ~ £10 / £8 concession



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