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24 Oct 2016

Cardboard Citizens presents 

Cathy by Ali Taylor 

Directed by Adrian Jackson


Settled …. Until suddenly you’re not…

Candid, poignant and intimate, this new play by award-winning playwright Ali Taylor offers a timely reflection on the social impact of spiralling rents and forced relocation.


Acclaimed Theatre Company Cardboard Citizens presents this powerful and emotive Forum Theatre show, provoking discussion and debate, inspired by Ken Loach’s pioneering drama, Cathy Come Home.

7:30pm ~ £10 / £8 concession


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3-5 Nov 2016

Directed by Jules Tipton and Ian Nicholson

REVOLUTION is a double bill of two 1 Act plays, devised by the Company:

INCOGNITO - The laboratory of our cultural landscape. An emotional wasteland where we learn & engage through a screen. In this accessible, affordable, anonymous virtual world the intimacy of anothers touch has been replaced by relationships based on power and cruelty. (Warning: Contains strong language and explicit refrences which some people may find offensive.)

A PART OF THE MAIN - Had enough of experts? Want to take back control? Join us for a night of carousing continental cabaret, playful politics and raucous referendums as we explore what it really means to be British. We hope you’ll want to Remain…

Both productions will be staged at each perfomance.

£10 / £6 Conc ~ 7:30pm / 2:30pm Sat Matinee

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17-19 Nov 2016
Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

Directed by David Glass

In this co-production between The David Glass Ensemble and the East 15 Physical Theatre course, the company will create an exciting production from Ray Bradbury’s dystopian classic. Fahrenheit 451 is a love story between thought and society. In a dystopian world where books are outlawed and free thought is scarce.
It was a pleasure to burn.

#readburnremember @readburnremember

Presented by BA Physical Theatre. Thurs 17th Nov performance is an Open Dress Rehearsal.

WARNING: Performances contain sexual references, violence and nudity. Recommended Age: 18yrs+

£10 / £6 conc. ~ 19:30 | 14:30 Sat Matinee

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1-3 Dec 2016

Written by Mike Bartlett. Directed by Shane Dempsey.

"Work out what you want and go for it with all your conviction and don’t care if you seem outrageous or stupid… All that’s needed, in the end, is belief."

Morning in London, Autumn 2011: Across the city, people wake up from an identical, terrifying dream. At the same moment, a young man named John returns home after years away to find economic gloom, ineffective protest, and a Prime Minister about to declare war. But John has a vision for the future and a way to make it happen

Coincidences, omens and visions collide with political reality in this epic new play from the writer of Earthquakes in London. 

By arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

Presented by Acting & Stage Combat.

£10 / £6 conc. ~ 19:30 | 14:30 Sat Matinee

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8-10 Dec 2016

Devised by the Company

Directed by Ainslie Masterton

Musical Director - Stephen Douse

Previous years have seen the Roaring Twenties, the Blitzed Forties and the Glam-Rocking Seventies brought to life in a splendorous spectacle of song and dance. What musical memories will be rekindled this Christmas? Contact the Box Office for more details.

£10 / £6 Conc ~ 7:30pm / 2:30pm Sat Matinee

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12 Jan 2017
The Unlikely Life of Leonard Langley

"What becomes of the storyteller, when the stories are all told?"

This is the unlikely story of an unlucky man, Leonard Langley. Leonard has a problem. A problem the doctors can't fix. Bound aboard a prison ship and his problem getting worse by the day, time is running out for unlucky Leonard.

Now enter the Storyteller, charged with telling the tale Leonard is too terrified to tell himself. 


LACUNA THEATRE combine comedy, Butoh dance, aerial circus and an original soundtrack to tell the story of one man's battle with his own body. This production is funded by the NATIONAL LOTTERY FUND and was written and developed in support of the NATIONAL MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY, UK.


Tickets and Times: 7:30pm ~ £12 / £8 concession

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